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Summer Veggie Fritatta

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Healthy Summer Frittata If you’re not familiar with the genius egg & goodness delivery system that is the frittata, your world is about to be rocked.   A frittata is similar to an omelet except it finishes in the oven… … Continue reading

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Pesto Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

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Brace yourself… Steve made these!  Isn’t that impressive? These cute little one-bite treats were part of the spread I put together for my friend Isabel’s baby shower this past Saturday.  Because I planned for 8 dishes I was really pressed … Continue reading

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Confession Mondays…

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I think I need a twelve-step program to address my orchid addiction.   My growing obsession has been well documented here and here, but I must say that after this weekend’s farmers’ market – the problem has worsened.   Seriously? … Continue reading

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Busy Saturday

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Sometimes I like to be deliciously lazy on Saturdays, but yesterday would definitely not count as a deliciously lazy Saturday.  Not in the least. Steve, my friend Stephanie and I hit up the grand opening of the Pearl Farmers Market. … Continue reading

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Update & New Motivation

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Enter my latest shallow non wellness-based motivation for working out so hard lately.  Soon, hot clothes the likes of these will be mine! Super sweet fleshy pink tank from JCrew Um yeah… only skinny b*tches wear (or should wear at … Continue reading

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