Francophile Fridays Parisian Style

Paris is one of the chicest cities in the world.  It’s the epicenter of high fashion.  An hour spent “people watching” while in Paris is fascinating -even the every day just walking down the street folks seem to have such flair and polish.

I’m not an especially fashionable person.  I clean up pretty well, and I have a specific aesthetic – but I’m not trendy or edgy or fashion forward.  I dress pretty much the same as I did in high school – just a little bit more polished and pulled together (and my skirts are longer).  When packing for this trip, I knew I wanted to be really comfortable, but not look like a “schlumpadinka“.  I opted for a few pairs of dark jeans, nice heavy weight cotton Ts in colors like black, white, red & tan.  I also packed a few scarves from my last trip to Paris.  I packed one little black dress, but never wore it.  I also brought a simple black trench coat for when it was wet or cold (we were really lucky and it was rarely either of those things during our entire 2 week stay).

In addition to keeping comfort top of mind, I knew I wanted any photos of me from when I was in Paris to be kind of “timeless.”  Nothing worse than having a great photo taken, but you’re wearing something super trendy so that in 5 years you’re like “OMG what was I thinking.”  I think I pretty much pulled this off.


Cousin Sarah and I at breakfast one day.  Red lips and aviators for me, neutral makeup and pearl studs for her.


Later that same day, at dinner with the entire family.  This is the ONLY photo of the three of us I have from the entire trip.  Thanks for snapping it Sarah!  We’re all dressed in black, which is kind of funny because we didn’t plan it.  But – I think we’ll still enjoy this photo for many years to come.


After dinner, Sarah dressed up her simple black dress with a floral scarf.  Look how expertly she wears it.  You can tell she’s a full time European now.

Enough about my Waspy Family’s style… time for some actual Parisian Style Spotting!


This guy looked like the just wandered over from a Jcrew photo shoot.  His man purse is spectacular, and he is just the right amount of disheveled.


This guy is the ULTIMATE stylish wasp.  Sweater over a crisp button down, an ascot, and a plastic cup full of red wine.  Digging his glasses too.  I noticed a lot of old 60’s looking glasses on both men and women while I was in Paris.  I think I’ll investigate this trend with my next glasses purchase – I have the nose to pull of pretty big frames.


This woman was amazing.  I was actually quite far from her when I took this picture, and I zoomed in my lens all the way.  I don’t really go for the “leather look” myself, but this woman was ROCKING it.  Those jeans are painted on, but she doesn’t look like a hussy.  Ok, now I need you to look closely at her face.  This woman is not 25.  She is at least 60.  I’m serious.  That is the body of a 60 year old Parisian woman.  I can prove it – here she is with her companion….


Not all the fashion observations I made were inspiring.  Take this guy for example:


Yeah, I’ve got nothing in the way of explanations for this.  Perhaps it was a performance art thing?

4 thoughts on “Francophile Fridays Parisian Style

  1. I thought I was over your Paris trip – the dogs, the fabulous way Parisians enjoy their breakfast, the great architechture, doors & chairs, the Eiffel Tower & lovers fence w/the pad locks … and then you go and highlight Paris fashion! I’ve got to get to Paris. Like RIGHT NOW! Great post Anderson. p.s. I miss SS. 😉

  2. mission accomplished: you look incredibly chic, effortless, and timeless! your cousin is quite elegant as well and i am in love with the darling man wasp avec red wine you captured.

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