My Current Skincare Favorites

I was rather late to RSVP to the “girly girl” party.  Though I’ve always cared about my appearance to an extent, it wasn’t until the past 2 or 3 years that I became obsessed with skincare. I’ve never had a facial, because I love pampering myself at home. One of my favorite things about Sunday nights is doing a mask, peel or treatment, giving myself a manicure and watching my Sunday shows (True Blood, The Newsroom, The Good Wife, Mad Men, Treme, Game of Thrones – etc, depending on what is currently in season).

I’m not of the school of thought that you should use an entire line of skincare products, I prefer to pick and choose what works best for me from a variety of different lines (and price points).  Here are some of my current favorite skincare products – I would love to hear about yours!


Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, Pink Grapefruit scent.  I’ve used products from Nuetrogena’s oil-free line off and on since I was in high school. I have oily skin, and salycilic acid helps me keep breakouts at bay.  As I’m getting older I find that this is a bit too drying for daily use, so I alternate with a more gentle cleanser.

Mario Badescu Botanical Facial Gel.  I first heard about this line of skincare products on the Martha Stewart show.  She had an representative from their NYC spa on the show talking about Martha’s daily skincare regimen (which consisted entirely of Mario Badescu products). What I love about this cleanser is that it’s gentle and non drying but still is a very effective  and exfoliating (it has alpha hydroxy acids, but no granules or physical exfoliants).  It doesn’t have any chemicals that make it lather, so if you’re used to a foamy cleanser that might take some getting used to.


Boscia Clear Complexion Tonic with Botanical Blast
. This is a mild toner that you spray on your face after cleansing. It doesnt sting or dry out your skin.  Honestly it might not “do” anything, but I like how refreshing it feels.



Clarins Huile Lotus. I purchased this while I was in Paris last year, at the recommendation of my sweet cousin Sarah. Sarah found out about this product from her sister-in-law, who is probably one of the most beautiful people on the planet.  Sarah and I joked that if it was good enough for her, we should probably jump on that bandwagon. This stuff is pricey, but smells fantastic and feels luxurious on your skin.  If you’re freaking out about the idea of putting oil directly on your skin, don’t.  You use a very tiny bit, and it absorbs right away leaving your skin feel soft but not in slightest bit greasy.  It actually works to control over production of oil so you get less shiny during the day if you use it regularly.  I use this 2-3 times per week before bed.

Origins Brighter By Nature Serum.  I use this on nights I’m not using the Lotus Oil above.  It works to correct dark spots left by blemishes, and evens your skin tone.  I find that it also helps shrink my gigantic pores. It’s not intended to be your only moisturizer, but I use it that way because layering another one on top seems too heavy for me.

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream. I use this moisturizer every morning, regardless of if I’m putting on makeup that day.  It’s a super hydrating, gel consistency that leaves my face feeling really balanced. It doesn’t have any SPF, so it’s important to use another product that does.  I love this product and I’m mildly concerned it may be being discontinued because I’m having difficulty finding it lately.

Tools & Treatments:

Clairsonic Mia Sonic Cleansing Brush. I use this in the evenings, with either of the two cleansers shown above.  It’s basically a big electric toothbrush for your face.  I adore it. It comes in a bunch of colors, mine is lavender.

Asian sheet masks.  Occasionally when I feel like my skin needs an extra boost, I slap on a sheet mask and veg out for a while.  It’s a cotton material soaked in treatment serums that you wear on your face for 20-30 minutes.  You look like Jason from Halloween when you’re wearing it, but it feels really nice. I’ve used several varieties, some of my favorites are the apple polyphenol and pearl masks from My Beauty Diary.  You can order these on Amazon, or if you have an Asian beauty store near you, they’re likely to have a big range and several brands.

So those are some of the things I’m loving as of late?  What are some of your must have skin care products?  Is your regimen complicated, or are you a splash your face with water and go kind of gal?  I love hearing about what other people do to stay looking their best.

16 thoughts on “My Current Skincare Favorites

  1. I’m an Origins girl from forehead to chin, but I’m intrigues by these Asian sheets things. And I agree that Clarins products smell heavenly.

    1. What other origins products do you like? I’ve heard really good things about their “Vitazing” moisturizer, but haven’t tried it yet.

  2. I am not huge on trying new thing on my face due to random things make me break out but I am in the market for a new moisturizer so thank you for your opinions, will have to try one out.

    1. Erica – I totally know what you mean about being hesitant to experiment with new things. I don’t mix it up too often, and if I do change something I just change one thing at a time.

    1. Erin – They’re really fun, and they have a wide variety of types (dry skin, problem skin, brightening, tightening etc). Let me know if you give them a try.

  3. Ive been on a Ole Henderickson kick lately. I stopped using Truth Serum for awhile and my skin shows it. Since I’ve started using it again my skin is clearing up again. It’s expensive though so that is why I stopped using it for awhile but I’m vain so I picked more up. I also bought the cleanser but I haven’t used it yet. Stay tuned….

    1. Lauren – I feel that way about one of the RX products I used to use a lot, Retin A. I am happiest with my skin when I’m using it, but I’ve been too lazy to head back to my beloved dermatologist.

  4. I just got the Clarisonic Mia brush and I love it :) I use Neutrogena face wash too. Do you get Mario Badescu Botanical Facial Gel from Ulta?

  5. I, too, have come into a recent skincare obsession…and now I’ve got a great dermatologist to help me with that. The thing I love is that she doesn’t always push the super expensive stuff and my skin looks much better since I’ve been paying more attention to it. My faves right now are:

    Lubriderm Daily Moisture – relatively inexpensive and available at the grocery store, it’s got 15 SPF and is a great moisturizer under makeup.

    CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser – it cleanses without drying and (again) isn’t too expensive. I keep a bottle in the shower and at the sink.

    Revision Intellishade SPF 45 Matte – my all-time favorite recent discovery right now is tinted moisturizer. If I’m taking the girls to soccer practice or swimming/dance lessons I don’t usually want to do full-on makeup. Tinted moisturizer with a little powder is all I need to feel made up without being overdone. This stuff is great, because it also helps keep my skin from looking too oily.

    1. I adore my dermatologist too, its actually the longest relationship I’ve ever had with a doctor. She recommended CeraVe to me as well, but the sample cleanser she gave me didn’t foam and I didn’t feel like it really cleansed. I’ll look for the foamy one.

  6. great post! i am a bit of a neutrogena gal, and i enjoy the grapefruit scented products. do you ever use any scrubs or do you feel that the clarisonic brush eliminates the need for one? thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Ardella! I find that if I’m using my clairsonic often enough, I dont really need a physical exfoliant on my face. But I use an RX exfoliant from time to time as well. I’m obsessed with those victoria secret garden body scrubs instead of soap or body wash. Sometimes if I’m super lazy in the shower I’ll wash my face with that instead of using proper cleanser and my mia.

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