Mimosa – Cocktail Recipe & Fragrance Giveaway


I’ve always been a big fan of Mimosas!  I mean, come on – champagne with a big dose of vitamin C?  What’s not to like, really.  They’re great with brunch, they’re great just because.

The American Bartender Association recipe for a mimosa is 1 part orange juice to 1 part champagne.  I beg to differ.  I think that a proper mimosa is 1 part orange juice to 2 parts champagne.  Basically I want my bubbly to have gotten near some orange juice, but that’s it.

You can use lots of different types of juices in place of orange juice – and the ratio stays the same but the name of the drink varies depending on the juice.  Pear nectar is a Magnolia blossom, Peach juice is a Belini, Cranberry juice is a hibiscus and so on.  I once hosted a bridal shower with a mimosa bar.  That was a crowd pleaser.

Today I’m sharing more than just a recipe – there is a giveaway as well.

When I was in Paris, I was determined to find a fragrance that was interesting and not available in the US.  I wasn’t ready to shell out for bespoke perfume created just to my liking, but I did want to smell like something that wasn’t readily available stateside.  Enter Frangonard, a boutique perfumer and gift shop only a block from my apartment in the Marais.


I fell in love with a fragrance called Mimosa!  It’s light, floral, fresh and clean smelling.  It’s not actually very citrusy, because it’s named after the mimosa flower – not the champagne cocktail.  It reminds me of clean laundry & sweet fruit at the same time.  It’s very wearable and universal.  Don’t worry – you won’t smell boozy at all, that’s not what I’m going for.

Frangonard has shops  in Paris and Venice, and Mimosa is no longer available online.  But you’re in luck – because I snagged two bottles while I was there, and I’m sharing the second with a lucky reader!  Admit it, you’ve always wanted to smell just like me.

It’s simple to enter!  The contest will run from today through Midnight on Friday, June 3rd.  You can only enter once per household please, but you can earn additional entries by tweeting or sharing on facebook.  See below.

To enter, you must leave a comment on this post.  For one additional entry, tweet a link to this giveaway.  For one more additional entry, become a fan of The Waspy Redhead on Facebook. (If you were already a fan of The Waspy Redhead on Facebook, I’ll give you credit for that too).  Just let me know in your comment how many entries I need to give you credit for.

Thanks and good luck!

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30 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    Am so jealous of your trip to Paris, would love to win some nice smellies!

  2. Umm wo does NOT love a fabulous excuse to day drink!? I personally loce a little pom juice in mine for a sweet blast!

  3. Annie says:

    Love your posts friend!!! XO

  4. Jen Rames says:

    Love Paris, Love Mimosas. I am a FB fan too!

  5. Annie Pat says:

    I have been looking for a unique, fresh scent to call my own! I am a FB fan too! Love your blog!!

  6. La Momma says:

    I’m always a fan of everything you do. I’m guessing I am not eligible for the scent – but come here and hug me so I can smell it on you!
    Love you.

  7. Barbie says:

    Here’s to having a mimosa & Bill Miller bfast taco with you soon! Cause you know that’s the only way to do it when you’re classy. Shoot. 😉

  8. Jennifer says:

    Don’t we love the same scents??? I’d love to smell like you! I’m loving the trip recaps and all of your beautiful pictures. See you soon friend!

  9. Mmm….mimosas! How lovely!

    And how lovely of you to think of your readers while on your fab trip! :)

    PS Of course, I’m your Facebook fan as well.

  10. Michelle says:

    Oh I love me some mimosas! And a mimosa bar sounds like a fabulous party idea. How generous of you to bring a little bit of Paris home for your readers. I’d love to be entered for this!! Thanks!

  11. Kate says:

    How delightful! And I am already a fan of yours on FB!

  12. Elisabeth says:

    What a lovely gift! I love that you bought it in Paris! I’m obsessed with France after going last year.
    I liked you on FB-Elisabeth G and tweeted here http://twitter.com/#!/egood33/status/73792214102323200

    3 entries for me :)

  13. Ashley says:

    Sounds like a perfect summer scent…as a fellow waspy redhead who LOVES mimosas, I’d love to try it!

  14. Whitney Z says:

    I’m intrigued! What a fun contest!!

  15. I may not be able to drink a mimosa right now … but that doesn’t mean I can’t smell like one! (Already a fan on FB.)

  16. Oh yum! I am a also a fan of mimosas! I bet the scent of the perfume is fabulous!

  17. Helen says:

    First off I’m stealing your mimosa bar idea. Second this perfume sounds amazing!

  18. Helen says:

    oh! I also follow you on facebook :)

  19. Jen says:

    I already follow on FB and I would love to smell like a French mimosa!

  20. Sarah says:

    Sounds wonderful & I’m a fan on FB!

  21. Deanna G. says:

    I’d love to try this! :)

  22. Deanna G. says:

    I’m a fan of The Waspy Redhead on Facebook.

  23. El says:

    Thanks to you, I can now start telling people I like Bellini more than I like Mimosa! (I always asked for a “peach mimosa” in the past and I always got a “that’s an interesting choice” comment, HA!)

    I’m starting to follow your blog-not because of the giveaway (which is very unique btw) but because I learned something just by reading the first page of your blog I encountered :) Thanks !

  24. El says:

    I’m also following you on FB now

    P.S. I have more pictures of food on my FB than my own-there is no better restaurant recommendation than food pictures (I always wait for servers to leave before I snap a photo or two).

  25. Jeannean says:

    Love the blog. First visit and now have found you on facebook too. I love mimosas and am stealing your idea for a mimosa bar for my birthday brunch bash. Can not wait now.

  26. Symigoddess says:

    fanned, tweeted, and now commenting….
    I am really craving a mimosa right now :)

  27. Jess Bermes says:

    Loved your Paris pics! I also love me a good Waspy Redhead read! xo Lizzy!!

  28. Amy Sanchez says:

    Ooh, me, me!! I LOVE acquiring fragrances from other countries. This one sounds delish and unique. Enjoy the post and especially following along with you on your travels via twitter.

  29. Mama Rex says:

    Here’s my first official entry into an online contest. :) The fragrance sounds wonderful!! I just added you as a favorite on my facebook too so sign me up for two entries. Love your fun blog.

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