Roasted Red Pepper Hummus


I wish there was a competition circuit for hummus preparation.  Like those pillsbury bake-offs with the crazy cash prizes…. except with a hummus theme.  I think my odds of winning a hummus sweepstakes would be pretty darn good.

This roasted red pepper hummus is a simple twist on my recipe for classic hummus.  I used the same base recipe with the only addition being 4 whole roasted red peppers.  The organic jarred variety works perfect for this, though you could choose to roast your own if you like.  I figure using jarred roasted peppers is just fine, its not like I’m resorting to spending 3 bucks on a tiny tub of sub-par/non-waspyredhead hummus….


Dont’ do it.

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  1. samma says:

    That looks so yummy! So glad you used Bush’s beans, too!

  2. Maggie says:

    Couldn’t agree more! I’m pretty snobby when it comes to hummus – I can’t stand the packaged stuff. I do the same as you… I have a standard hummus recipe that I can whip up in my sleep (it’s an adaptation of the Barefoot Contessa’s), and when I’m feeling like something a little jazzier I throw in some roasted reds. T just about dies when I do that, by the way. I guess the way to my guy’s heart is red-tinged hummus.

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  4. Waspy Redhead – Where has your site been all my life? I guess more accurately, I should say “How did I not find it sooner?”

    Came across you on Twitter via a link after link after link suggestion kind of day and am now a big fan. Hummus is one of my favorites, but I’m guilty of buying the overpriced tub. I tried to make it (once, long ago when I lived in L.A.) and it was a mess. I don’t know what I did wrong, but it just turned into a mushy pile of yuck.

    Now I find this…I may brave the Christmas Eve crowds and go get some ingredients!


  5. Finally (yeah about 6 months later) madenthe hummus. Soooooooo good. I will never buy hummus in a tub ever again. So easy and way more tasty. Thanks again.

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