A Different Kind of Giveaway

So as a programming break from my first world problems and indulgent recipes, I thought it would be good to get some perspective and think about a real issue that real people are facing- hunger.  Today I’m taking a minute to spotlight one of my favorite service organizations, The San Antonio Food Bank.

San Antonio Food Bank serves as a clearing house by receiving and storing donated food, produce and grocery products.  San Antonio Food Bank distributes these items in manageable quantities to almost 500 service agencies that help people in need.  Lets talk a little bit about the people in need…

In southwest Texas one out of three children, and one out of five adults is estimated to have at least temporary food insecurity.  Due to the recent economic downturn and increasing rates of unemployment, demand for emergency food support has risen dramatically.  I’ve never gone hungry so much as a day in my life (except for when I made terrible dieting decisions in undergrad), so it’s hard for me to even imagine what it might be like to not know where your next meal is coming from.

With summer just around the corner, many children who rely on government subsidized school lunches will be faced with seasonal food insecurity.  But there is good news – we can help.

For every dollar donated to the San Antonio Food Bank, they are able to provide $13 worth of food to individuals and families.  They keep their operating expenses low by running a lean and mean staff of just over 100 employees.  By keeping expenses to a minimum, and working closely with suppliers and community donors the San Antonio Food Bank is able to feed 58,000 people every week.

I know that many of my readers are located in different communities across the country (and Switzerland, bonjour cousin Sarah!), you can use this food bank locator from Feeding America to find one near you.

So today’s give-a-way is a bit different than usual, there’s no swag or discount for you to earn.  I want to encourage as many of you as possible to make a donation to your local food bank.  And you know what – I’ll match it.

The Details:

- For every ten people comment pledging to make a donation to their local foodbank, I’ll donate $50 to San Antonio Food Bank (up to $200).

- I would like to suggest a qualifying donation level of either: A) one bag of groceries, or B) or a $10 monetary donation.

- You can keep your gift information confidential, we’re on the honor system for this give-a-way.  Just leave a comment on this post with the name of the local food bank you’re supporting.

- I’ll keep this give-a-way open until the end of the Month, or until we reach 40 pledges.

Let’s see how we can use social media to help address the social ills of our communities!

Thanks in advance!

The Waspy Redhead

**This post is in no way sponsored by the San Antonio Food Bank, or any other organization.

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