A Very Hipster Holiday

This past weekend I hosted my first shindig at my new apartment. Ok, sure – I’ve had friends over for dinner several times… and there was this one time I hosted an impromptu after the after party situation… and I even hosted my family Thanksgiving this year. But the inaugural “Hipster Holiday Soiree” was the first time I’ve thrown a proper party in my new space.

I LOVE hosting parties.  Baby showers, Royal Wedding tea parties, holiday dessert parties, cooking demonstration cocktail parties… I just love to play the role of hostess. I typically get carried away obsessing about every little detail from the invitation to the decor and ESPECIALLY the menu. I didn’t feel like doing that this time around. I just wanted to have people over, celebrate the season and enjoy their company.

So it occurred to me – Hipster Theme. Boom. Built in apathy and smug disinterest were required if I was to be the ideal hipster hostess.
People always congregate in the kitchen - even in a wee loft. #hipsterholiday

I sent out Facebook invitations instead of printed invites. I think around 30-35 people attended, I never stopped to take a head count. It was a little tight in my tiny studio, but I don’t think anyone minded.

Winding down from a fun evening. #hipsterholiday
Instead of planning 6-8 complicated appetizers and several sweet treats… I served super generic store bought Christmas cookies, a cheese tray and some salty snacks. I did make the savory treats from scratch: toasted nuts with cayenne & brown sugar, my world famous rosemary popcorn, and of course, hummus. Hipsters love hummus.

Since my party started at 8, I figured my guests would have eaten dinner ahead of time and would arrive more thirsty than hungry. I consulted my Glamour Magazine Party Book from 1965 to help me plan my approach with beverages…
Prepping for #hipsterholiday I consulted my 1965 Glamour Magazine Party Book. Opted for more low brow beverages like lone star & PBR
Whoa! People were serious booze hounds back in the day. A cocktails-only party is a ton of work and the hostess spends all her time bar-tending instead of mingling with her guests. Over it.  I adopted a more low key beer, wine, and limited self-serve cocktail offerings approach.  It wouldn’t be a Waspy Redhead affair without some bubbly (10 bottles). And since hipsters prefer to drink terrible beer, ironically, I picked up a case of Lone Star and Pabst Blue Ribbon. I had several bottles each of red & white wine, as well as bourbon, scotch, gin, and apple cider simmering on my stove spiked with salted caramel vodka.

I ordered some super cute holiday “photo booth” props from etsy, and encouraged my guests to use #hipsterholiday in their tweets and instagrams.

Such a fun evening! I think this will become an annual tradition. I highly recommend you throw a Hipster Holiday party too – the most laid back entertaining I’ve ever done.

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  1. Gita says:

    I love your idea of the photobooth! I did something similar with my friend Jess’ bday party, which was Alice in Wonderland themed so we had hats and bowties party props. But your idea to add a special hashtag to the ig pictures is brilliant! Gotta remember to do that for the next party! :)

  2. Lisa Branam says:

    What a fabulous party idea. Talk about easy. I think I may steal it for a party of my own.

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