Back on the Grid – Sort of

So the dust has (literally) settled a bit after the move, and Steve and I have made some good progress on unpacking.  We have the living room set up the way we like it, and just need to work on hanging curtains and wall decor.  The rest of the house still has a lot of work to go before it will be ready for showing off.  Moving is hell… we might have to live the rest of our lives in this little 1100 square foot house.  We’ll be like a 50′s sitcom with 5 people sharing one hall bathroom – but it will be OK, because we wont have to f* with moving!

The good news, we have Internet and HD cable!  Hallelujah!  It’s been terrible to be cut off from the blogosphere!  Thank goodness for my iPhone and twitter – I felt a little connected all weekend by the ability to provide micro updates.  The bad news is that my office wised up to their Internet filter being broken.  Since November I have been able to log-in to gmail (and gchat!), facebook, twitter, and just about any social networking applications my heart desired.  These had previously been blocked, but through some miracle loop-hole they worked for 3 months.  Now I’m iPhone bound again if I want to use any of the aforementioned tools, and trust me, I want to use them.   Unfortunately I didn’t grab my phone on the way out the door this morning.  Blast!  At least wordpress is still working here at the office.

Tonight my old roommie Marissa is coming over so we can catch up on our Monday shows.  Poor Steve will be tortured by a two-hour episode of The Bachelor, Gossip Girl and The City.  Below is a transcript of our email conversations from this morning….

Steve: “So how long will the TV be held captive by estrogen tonight? The Biggest Loser is on.”

Elizabeth: “The Bachelor is 2 hours, but really like 90 mins without commercials. We have two others shows (GG and The City) but I don’t want to watch all 3 shows if that will torture you. Here are some ideas: a)  hook up the extra TV in our bedroom as a temporary solution? b)  Join us and mock our shows? c)  Flee the house and I’ll fund your bar tab?

Steve:” Haha, I love you! I think I’ll stick around and mock probably.”

Le Sigh.  I think that living together is going to work out just fine!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Gossip Girl was a rerun last night (it was the one with Bart’s funeral), so that will spare Steve 42 minutes of estrogen.

  2. ana says:

    you are truly hilarious…I love your blog! :)

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