Confession Mondays…

So I am following Kelly’s lead and ripping off “Confession Mondays” – she borrowed the idea from a fellow knottie blogger, but today I was inspired by Pioneer Woman’s monday morning confession. Here goes…

  • I Love “The View”. I do. I love it, and I watch it everyday. I have my DVR set up to record it, and I watch it as I’m laying in bed each night before I fall asleep. I even like Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Deal with it.
  • Sometimes I wish I didn’t work. And by sometimes I mean I have this thought almost once a day. And I don’t mean I only feel this way in a moments of frustration – its not a “gee my job is getting stressful, I could sure use a vacation to unwind before I hit it hard again” kind of thing. But more of a “Even though my work is stimulating and fulfilling, I would rather not be doing it” kind of way. My life is divided into pretty even quarters: Work, School, Junior League and my Social Life… I’m not sure that makes for a healthy balance, but its the one I’ve got. I swear though, sometimes I wish that I could just eliminate the work 25% all together. Does this mean I’m not driven?
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  1. menickelli says:

    It’s not that you aren’t driven, I was the same way in my 20s. It’s more likely that you haven’t found that job that you can feel passionate about – or a real need to work and make coin – like paying a mortgage or having a kid. It’ll all come together.

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