Cooking For (and with) Others…

In my last post I wrote about how I want to try and cook actual meals when it’s just me.  For some reason I have a block about that and I usually eat cereal, tuna on crackers, or cheese & salami for dinner.  I’ll admit I haven’t made any improvements in this area, haven’t cooked anything for my “party of me” since I wrote that post.  So that’s the bad news, but the good news is that my kitchen is still getting plenty of use because I’ve been cooking for friends a bunch lately.

Tonight I had my friends Marissa, Jennifer and her adorable 5 month old, George, over for dinner.

Breakfast for dinner with the gals! Nutella French toast, oven roasted home fries & bubbly. Cheers to Monday!

Nutella stuffed French toast and oven roasted home fries with fresh thyme.  It was just a random, mellow, regular ol’ Monday meal, but we had pink champagne anyway. Is there anything better than breakfast for dinner?

Well dinner for dinner is pretty good too… and Sunday night I made dinner for my parents.

photo (6)

Leek and butternut squash risotto. This was very tasty, if I don’t say so myself. I

I don’t have exact recipes for either of these cooking exploits. Sorry team.  I kind of made these dishes up as I was going along. And speaking of making things up as you go along… A few weeks ago my friend Lauren of ohmypuddin and some pals joined me for an impromptu dinner party. Lauren and her husband brought over their CSA box, as well as a few fun and truly random (lobster pate?) ingredients. We didn’t have a meal plan, or even and idea about what we were going to make, we just started cooking.


Even though my galley kitchen is wee, there is totally enough room for two food bloggers to cook at once.


When you’re not sure what you’re making for dinner, it’s a good idea to distract your guests with champagne while you’re figuring it out.




We settled on “Eggs in Purgatory” which is a spicy tomato dish with eggs that cook in the sauce.  We served it over quinoa with a side of roasted okra, peppers and broccoli. It was an eclectic but ultimately very tasty and healthy dinner. I was extra proud of Lauren and I because despite not having a game plan, each component of the meal finished at the same time (that’s not an easy feat, even with more planning).


Our friends were such good sports about the surprise dinner.  They were also good sports about the fact that I’ve lived in my apt for two months and still don’t have anything on the walls and there’s a lamp without a shade and a box you cant see in the corner (babysteps).

My last post was a little about how I want to cook for myself more often, but it was mostly about how I need to give myself a break and be kinder to myself. So yeah, I’m not giving myself a hard time about how I haven’t mastered (read: attempted) cooking for one.  I’m just enjoying the cooking I am doing for and with my friends and family.

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  1. Eggs in Purgatory was in my DREAM the other night! I was in France wondering the tasty back alleys and strolled into an amazing shop where the employees cut me countless cuts of cheeses, cured meets and breads… followed by a bowl of EiP. I’ve never had a dream before where I felt like I was actually tasting and smelling! It was friggin awesome! May I please be emailed your recipe, dearest E?

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