Deep Dish, Pastrami & Mexican Oh My! Eating My Way Through Chicago.

As I mentioned in my last post, I took a quick trip up to Chicago at the beginning of this month.  I attended a conference for work in Lombard IL, and while I stayed out in the burbs near my event, I did get to venture into the city once the conference wrapped up.  Here are some of my food highlights from the quick trip.

Deep dish from Gino’s East.  Sorry Chicagoans, I’m a thin crust gal.  Actually, I would prefer to not eat pizza at all… but if push comes to shove, deep dish would not be my top choice.  I know this makes me a weirdo.

Steak with roasted plantains topped with queso blanco and served with refried black beans from…. can you guess?  FRONTERA GRILL!  People, I ate at one of Rick Bayless’ restaurants!  So exciting!  In my Top Chef episode recap post from last August I mentioned that if I visited Chicago I would be sure to eat at a Bayless joint, and lo… I can now say I have!  The food was amazing, and the margaritas were as good as some of the best I’ve had in San Antonio.

I tried my darndest to get a hot dog from this notable joint, but alas I was thwarted by a cash only policy.  This was brought to my attention AFTER I stood in a line wrapping around the door in 19 degree weather for 40 minutes.  Seriously.  No sign till you get to the counter?  I could have walked to Michigan to visit an ATM and back in the amount of soul crushing frigid time I spent in line.  You know what Doug, I’ll show you where you can put your hot dog!

When the Hot Doug’s trip was a wash, and with not much time left before I needed to head to O’Hare to grab my flight home, I opted for an over stuffed sandwich from Lucky’s.  Lucky’s was featured on Man Vs. Food, and the challenge was to eat 3 of the above sandwiches (and the accompanying fries) in an hour.  No way.  Not possible.  Super tasty though.  I ordered a pastrami and fried egg sandwich, and it came dressed with cole slaw and fries stacked on top of the meat.  I highly recommend it.

Chicago was lovely, though I barely feel like I scratched the surface there.  I basically just ate my weight in terrible junk food, and walked down Michigan Ave.  I did get to see the bean!

I look silly in hats.  Lesson learned.

I would love to head back (hopefully not in February the next time) and take in some more of the sights and touristy activities.  For the time being, I need to recover from this massive binge.  The elliptical is calling my name.

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  1. Emily says:

    I adore Chicago! Though I’ve only visited in December (conference trips for three consecutive years). I, too, would love to go back during a warmer month … and eat at Frontera Grill. I heart Rick Bayless!

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