Gin & Tonic Popsicle Recipe And A Giveaway!

I’ve been on a popsicle kick as of late. It makes sense, because it has been sweltering here in Texas. I think my biggest popsicle triumph thus far is the Gin & Tonic popsicle. I’m sharing the recipe with you today, as well as offering a fun give-a-way at the end of the post!

Behold – it’s a refreshing treat and it’s a cocktail at the same time. It’s genius. {manicure moment: this shade is “Deeply In Love” from the Nicole by OPI collection}

I’ve got a stash on hand of these gin & tonic pops as well as raspberry lemonade pops so that I can kick back and cool off whenever I need to.

I wasn’t planning on sharing the recipe for these gin & tonic pops – you see, I had this hair-brained idea that I was going to drop out of my current life and start a popsicle business. No really. Once the gin & tonic popsicles turned out so delightful, I was OBSESSED with the concept of gourmet/grown-up popsicles. San Antonio has such a strong tradition built around the paleta, and I was just so sure that I could be successful with a mobile paleta cart.

I stayed up all night one brainstorming flavors, researching commercial production equipment, and I ordered some popsicle molds so that I could get serious about research and development (the dixie cup production really isn’t consumer friendly). I also put together a business plan. Honestly though – I put together a business plan???!!! I was serious. It’s hilarious now looking back at my flurry of activity. I even contacted one of my lawyer friends to start researching the necessary permits and licenses to operate a mobile food business (It’s easier than you would think).

I was excited about it. I felt inspired and enthusiastic about something for the first time in a long time. I’ve since come to my senses and determined that it is not, in fact, my dream to be a paleta lady. I think it did me some good to get excited about something, anything really. And I’m feeling more energized about life in general, even though I’ve abandoned my plan for gourmet paleta carts & total world domination.

Since I’m not planning on being a popsicle empresaria afterall, I’m able to share this fun recipe with you folks!


1/2 cup gin
10 oz tonic
16 oz 7-up
juice of 1 lime
garnish of your choice (option)

Combine all the ingredients. Arrange 15 3oz cups on a tray or cookie sheet. If you’re using a garnish or infusion, drop a small amount into each cup before filling with the liquid base. Fill each cup to just shy of the top. Cover each cup with tin foil and insert a wooden stick through the foil.

Freeze for 12 hours. Because of the alcohol content, these will take longer than average popsicles to set firmly. Also – do not increase the alcohol in this recipe, or they will not freeze at all.

I infused the base with a chiffonade of fresh basil from our garden, and it complimented the botanical flavors in the gin very well. If you’re not a fan of basil, other good options include rosemary, cucumber, pink peppercorns, or lime wedges. If you don’t want to fuss with adding an infusion you could just make the base and that would be just fine. I think that herbs add a nice visual interest to the pops though.

Popsicles are so ingenious. You can adapt the flavors to suit your mood and the possibilities are limitless. Some of the flavors I brainstormed include: Central Texas Lavender in a Yogurt & Honey base, Cardamom Cherry Chutney, Mint & Mango, Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon & Chile Pepper… I came up with a list of about 75 flavor combinations I wanted to try!

If only I could harness this energy for good.

It’s giveaway time!

Back when I was just convinced that my calling in life was to be a gourmet popsicle artisan, I ordered several popsicle molds online. Since I’ve slept on it, regained my composure and decided not to drop out of life I no longer need so many molds. I’m keeping one set so that I can keep tinkering around with my new popsicle passion, but I want to pass on my enthusiasm to my readers.

I’ll be giving away two of these Progressive freezer pop mold kits to randomly selected entrants who leave a comment on this post. The give-a-way will be open from today through noon on Sunday, August 22nd. The winner will be notified on Monday August 23rd.

Leave me a comment and share what flavor popsicles you would like to make if you win!

The fine print: This post is in no way sponsored by the maker of the popsicle molds, or anyone else. I just feel like sharing a little bit of the excitement I felt about popsicles with my readers.

26 thoughts on “Gin & Tonic Popsicle Recipe And A Giveaway!

  1. Yessssss! If I don’t win your fabulous giveaway, I am buying some of these anyway – I literally have a note beside my desk to ask you what kind of popsicle molds I should buy! I would absolutely make these gin and tonic delights – they are my drink of summer! I also want to do a lemon basil popsicle to help get through all this basil I have growing outside.

    Love this, WR!

  2. I have to say – I’m sort of sad you won’t be taking the popsicle world by storm. I was excited for your domination of all things popsicle. But I sure am glad you’ve shared your recipe! I’ll have to sub vodka for the gin though – I haven’t had a sip of gin since I accidentally picked up my grandmother’s glass of gin when I was 8 years old. (Spit it all across the counter. Was not tasty to my 8 year old palette.) I’d also love to try a margarita popsicle, with tequilla and fresh citrus juices. YUMM.

  3. Mmmmmm how about Texas Tea? Iced tea with Absolute Citron…. Can one be in need of a 12 Step program from popsicles? Let’s find out!

  4. drool! i need those now!! well, maybe if cali ever warms up! if i win, i think i am going to have to try these first! keep up the yummy work!

  5. Rum and Coke popsicle is the first one that popped into my head, and it’s sticking there…now I really want one! It’s fun to think that every fun drink can be turned into a popsicle. Hmm…maybe you should keep working on the concept and make it happen! Then move to my town so I can eat them everyday. :)

  6. This post made me smile so big — not because you gave up on world popsicle domination, but because I could totally relate to your flurry of excitement over such an idea! A few months ago Nick and I thought for sure we had a novel concept for a book, and we spent an entire weekend researching and writing. Who knows — perhaps someday you’ll get that paleta truck and we’ll get that book deal! Love your mango and mint combination. Also love strawberry and basil or lemon and thyme.

  7. Great article, reminds me when I first started my business for a mobile cocktail bar, I was overly crazy about it. Instead of writing a business plan, I wrote all my ideas on a website. Three days later I had my first customer…That was a while ago now. We still do private functions, yet we’ve expanded into the corporate world of marketing, brand PR for liquor brands, and large festivals! The idea of alcohol popsicle is a great idea (I believe a liquor brand tried to introduce it a couple of years ago but was knocked back from the government as they believed it was aimed at underage kids)… Steph, your right about the mojito, a great summer drink!

  8. Ha – I had a business idea for an ice cream truck-type experience for grownups too – the Mobile-rita. Your popsicles look fantastic – if you ever did start your business, I’m pretty sure I might spend a good amount of our time chasing your cart around SA! :)

  9. You really crack me up! Hahaha! And totally make me want a gin and tonic paleta. Yummo! If I had these nifty popsicle molds I’d probably make popsicles for my kids, like with orange juice or lemonade. AND I’d love to figure out a recipe for a grown-up popsicle of the champagne-with-a-fruit variety! :)

  10. woohoo! great minds think alike when it comes to cocktail popsicles :) I am a Southern girl who loves her g&ts, so I’m going to be giving this a whirl, you bet.

  11. What do you mean you harness the energy for good? You DID – You helped spur all these cravings for popsicles!! Between you and Nishta, I’m going to have to warn HooliganGirl daughter, “Sorry gal, These popsicles are Momsicles only!!” She’ll do fine working through the fresh peach ones we made using up quickly ripening farmers market peaches. Mmmmmm

  12. I meant “what do you mean, if only you could harness the energy for good…” think that’s my cue to catch some sleep :)

  13. Well, call us nuts, but we are starting a paleta business. Two divas in cowboy hats and sunglasses. Did you give away the mold yet? We are in the R&D flavor process. Would love to hear about the stuff you learned in your research.

  14. I know I’m late in commenting – but I accidentally scrolled by this when it was posted and it became “marked as read” – so I went back to find this entry. I want to try these this weekend since we might have friends over and I can’t wait. I love sharing ideas with you on Twitter and I know you’ll be successful whatever you decide to do with your talent!

    1. Thanks friend! Appreciate the kind words. Tip on the pops: if you plan to serve them for company, do them the night before. The alcohol makes the freezing time extra long.

  15. I love Gin and tonic. I will have to try these. How about some of those other heirloom cocktails such as a Whiskey Sour?

  16. Very inspiring.
    Thank you.

    The freezer pop maker looks amazing. Please add me to your list if I may have a chance to win one.

  17. I have gotten on a paleta kick myself. I live close to 1604 and in front of where I live, there is an empty lot with lots of cacti. The prickley pears are just ripe right now, so I picked a couple dozen (with gloves), pealed them, strained them in a colander to get rid of the seeds, blended the pulp, adding the juice of two limes, a dozen strawberries and a sugar and water mixture (take 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water, bring to a boil and take off the stove. Use when at room temperature) until pureed. I filled a dozen shot glasses with the mixture and after an hour and a half in the freezer, added the popsicle sticks. In three hours, they were ready to eat. Absolutely delicious!

  18. I forgot to mention what I would like to try: white peaches with champagne (a bellini paleta). I just need to figure out how much champagne to use so that the paletas freeze. Any suggestions?

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