Give A Little, Feed A Lot!

September is Hunger Awareness Month across the country, and the San Antonio Food Bank and Whataburger have teamed up to “Go Orange” and fight food insecurity.

The Food Bank is an organization I am passionate about.  I’ve written about the good work that they do before, and much of my research in my graduate program has been in the area of food policy, and disparities in access to quality nutrition across socio-economic groups.

Because I wanted to do my part to help out during Hunger Awareness Month, I’m trying to use this little old blog to help spread the word and raise awareness about the hunger problem our nation faces.

The Facts:

  • In southwest Texas one out of three children, and one out of five adults is estimated to have at least temporary food insecurity.
  • For every dollar donated to the San Antonio Food Bank, they are able to provide $13 worth of food to individuals and families.
  • By keeping expenses to a minimum, and working closely with suppliers and community donors the San Antonio Food Bank is able to feed 58,000 people every week.

What I’m Doing To Help:

  • I’m making a $200 donation to support the Food Bank – based on the statistics above, my donation will provide $2,600 worth of food to feed those in need.  That’s the best return on investment I can imagine my investment getting, so I’m glad to contribute.
  • I’m starting a food drive at my office.  I am blessed to work at a generous, progressive and energetic office, and when I told my bosses that I wanted to start a food drive they were all over it.  Being committed to the community is probably part of the reason why my firm was named one of the top agencies to work by Advertising Age this year.  Go Guerra DeBerry Coody!

In our office kitchen I’ve set up a box where people can drop off non-perishables for the Food Bank.  The drive will run for 2 weeks, and then I’ll take all the donations down to the San Antonio Food Bank.  I’m going to take a tour of their new facilities and share some more information with you all about how you can help in your own communities.

I know that many of my readers are located in different communities across the country (and Switzerland, bonjour cousin Sarah!).  If you want to get involved in your area, you can use this food bank locator from Feeding America to find one near you.

One thought on “Give A Little, Feed A Lot!

  1. Supporting the San Antonio Food Bank is a great cause! On October 21, my husband’s company, Preferred Landscape & Lighting, is having a Fall Festival and Turkey Drive supporting the San Antonio Food Bank. You and anyone else are welcome to come and enjoy fantastic photo ops, music, food and cold drinks with a donation of $10 or a turkey. Great fun for a great cause!

    If you would like more details, please e-mail me. Karen Cook at

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