Happy #Fakesgiving!

Yesterday I participated in a fun new fall tradition. My sweet friends Kate & Sam invited me to join them and their friends in their second annual Fakesgiving.  Fakesgiving is just like Thanksgiving, except instead of eating with your family, you get together with your friends to break bread and celebrate the season.  I am all over this concept!  Lately I’ve been fascinated by the phenomenon of the “Urban Tribe” which is a sort of second family that young professionals create for themselves in response to trends like delaying marriage, increased perceived social media connectedness, decreased genuine connectedness etc. Pretty sure connectedness isn’t a word, but it works here so indulge me.

Throughout out my life I’ve had a tendency to form sort of familial bonds with my close friends.  I think it has a lot to do with being an only child from a relatively small extended family. I’ve inadvertently crafted my own extended family from my friends and coworkers. I proudly play the role of Crazy Aunt Elizabeth to my friend’s children, and enjoy being close not just with my friends but with their husbands, their parents, in-laws etc.  Little by little over the last few years, my Urban Tribe up and moved on me. Some of my closest friends and their kin are spread all over the country, and while we do our best to stay connected through email, texts, Facebook etc… I do miss being in the same city.  It was nice to join my friends and get to meet more of their friends and see their Urban Tribe in action.

One of the coolest things about Fakesgiving is that while we were enjoying the meal and sharing pictures on instagram, Lauren and I noticed that other people all over were also having Fakesgiving and sharing their pics with the same hashtag. Groups of people all over the country were documenting their turkey carving, friend hugging, and too-much-to-drink having just like we were. It felt like we were part of a more global potluck than just our cozy group.  Here are some of my favorite snapshots from the festivities…

#fakesgiving table! @katewarters @samwar

Thanks Lauren for snapping a pic of the pretty table Kate set!

First course of #fakesgiving with @tasteskateate @samwar @ohmypuddin

First course was a delicious squash soup

Brussels salad, turkey, taters, Parker house rolls, cranberries, dressing. Bliss. #fakesgiving

The main meal had all the delicious dishes you would expect from a Thanksgiving including: turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, dressing, and mashed potatoes, along with new favorites like a Brussels sprout salad with blue cheese and bacon that was crazy tasty.

Willing fall weather to arrive with my wardrobe. Ready for cashmere scarf season! #ootd #fakesgiving

The attire for Fakesgiving was casual and comfy.  Though the temps were in the 80’s I wore my favorite cashmere scarf and willed it to be fall-like.

Three men and a baby! #fakesgiving #plaidpatrol

The men wore plaid.  Even the baby men.

Per usual, it's all couples & me. Have drafted this guy as my plus one. #fakesgiving

Could you die at the cuteness?!

During the meal we said what we were Thankful for (which is just as awkward at Fakesgiving as it is at the real deal, but still a sweet and grounding exercise) and answered questions from hilarious “conversation starters” that were on the back of our place cards. Since I was new to the group, I was glad to learn more about the other guests like the worst gift they’ve given and received, which celebrity they would most like to invite to dinner etc.

Post #fakesgiving walkabout

After dinner we went on a walk through Monte Vista to digest a bit before we hit up the dessert spread.

 Good times were had by all. I highly recommend you gather some friends and celebrate Fakesgiving this season.

5 thoughts on “Happy #Fakesgiving!

  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful words. I had not heard of this “urban tribe” term until you brought it up, and I am also intrigued. I think I definitely have one. I also think I would like you to be in my tribe. Is that too formal an invitation? Maybe later I will come over and put some mud on your cheeks or something to make it more official, tribal-style. Or gravy. I have lots of leftover gravy.


  2. Fakesgiving sounds so incredibly awesome! Kuddos to you all! I must do this, even if it’s in February. Dressing recipe? My family potluck usually consists of the boxed version and I will NOT have it.

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