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Recently, I hosted a fun little get together at my apartment with some of my lovely coworkers.  My friend Lannette had the idea to do an informal cooking class so that I could pass on some of my favorite recipes.

We decided to do an appetizer theme, and it was such a blast.  I planned a menu of several crowd pleasing nibbles that I knew would be easy to make with their help.  Basically all I did to get ready for the party was grocery shop, stage some cooking areas and then throw together a cheese tray so my guests wouldn’t starve while we made the rest of our spread.

The first thing we made was my classic hummus recipe.  You just can’t go wrong with this dish when entertaining.  Even people who don’t like hummus will like this hummus.  I’m getting requests from people in the office to make a “big old tub” to keep at work.  I can do that, anything for my coworkers!

Here’s the lovely Lisa & Liz digging in

Next I showed Sarah (Liz’s precious daughter), Barbie & Shauna how to make prosciutto wrapped asparagus.

Don’t they look so excited to be helping!

This party was the most genius plan ever.  I didn’t have to cook.  Usually when I entertain I’m cooking for hours leading up the party and I’m exhausted before anyone gets there.  This was different.  It reminded me of when Tom Sawyer tricks his friends into whitewashing the fence for him because he told them it was so much fun that they begged him to help.  Genius.

Oh, and in case you were wanting a recipe for the prosciutto wrapped asparagus… here’s a spoiler.  You blanch some asparagus, then you wrap it in prosciutto.  Done.

We made a bunch of other yummy things including grilled goat cheese sliders, rosemary lemon palmiers, spinach pinwheels & chocolate ganache pastry cups.  Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures, so I can’t link to any recipes for those.  Luckily I’ve blogged about the wonders of frozen puff pastry before, so if you want to get an idea how to make either the lemon rosemary palmiers or the spinach pinwheels you can read this post from my archives.  While this was a super simple party because it required virtually no prep – it did keep me really active in the kitchen either instructing or getting the next course ready.

I think everyone had a good time, and hopefully they picked up some tricks they can use to “bake it forward.”  I’ll look forward to hosting another one of these “Evenings with Waspy Red” again soon – perhaps we can do an all dessert theme, or a several course dinner.  There are so many options.

Thanks Bev for letting me steal your pictures from Facebook so I could share these shenanigans with the web!

6 thoughts on “In The Kitchen With Waspy

  1. What a great idea! I bet people would pay you to host these kinds of parties at their house – another great business idea for you. 😉

    (and you could charge extra to bring gin and tonic pops with you!)

  2. “Bake it forward” – brilliant! This looks like so much fun. Thanks for the fabulous idea & your hummus recipe. I could eat my weight in hummus. Yum!

    By the way, i made your lemon bars over the weekend for my inlaws & they were a delicious hit. Many thanks again!!

    1. Ally – so glad you to hear you tried and enjoyed the lemon bars! I think another batch may be in order at my house pretty soon.

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