My 400th Post…

Oh goodness, how did that happen?  How did more than 3 years go by?  How did 400 posts get written?

It really feels like I JUST started this little project a few weeks ago, but when I sit down and think about it, the past three and a half years have been some of the craziest of my life.  Since I started this blog in 2008 I have…

– moved 4 times
– held 3 jobs
– started and nearly completed a masters program
– loved big
– lost big
– dusted myself off and started over
– made 14 different types of brownies
– had miserable failures in the kitchen
– cooked delicious meals for loved ones
– thrown many a party
– traveled to New Orleans (3 times), New Mexico, all over Texas, Washington DC, Florida, South Carolina, and Paris.
– eaten too much butter, sugar, and chocolate
– made amazing friends from the Internet
– made amazing friends in real life
– pushed through very challenging times
– laughed and enjoyed amazing experiences
– felt totally lost at times
– gotten closer to understanding and appreciating who I am and what I want from life? Maybe? We’ll see.

I have so enjoyed having this blog as an outlet for my creativity, as a place to speak my mind, and a way to document experiences in my life.  I don’t post nearly as often as I would like.  My schedule with work and school makes it really difficult for me to fit in recipe research, cooking and photography.

Lately I’ve been missing my blog so much, feeling like I am letting people down, or myself down by focusing on career and school and somewhat abandoning The Waspy Redhead.  I went back and read my very first entry on this blog, from October 16th 2008.  I was floored to see that in my first post I declared that this was not a food blog, or a travel blog or a wedding blog or a baby blog.  It was just my blog.

Somewhere along the way, this became primarily a food blog- but I’m thinking about taking a bit of a departure from that.  I think part of why I rarely post is that I feel such pressure to make some sort of killer recipe, take a great photo of it, and work it into a witty narrative. The content here will always be very food centric. Food is one of the things I’m most passionate about.  But I have decided for myself that I would rather write about whatever I can, when I can, and when I feel like I want to, than put strict expectations on myself and end up not saying much at all.

I’m not sure if this change in content will scare off readers who were only interested in recipes.  I’m not sure if I even have readers anymore since I’ve so neglected this space.  Even if there are just a few readers left including my parents and best friends, I’m not ready to walk away from The Waspy Redhead yet.  And if you’re still here, I hope you’ll stick around.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for cooking along. Thanks for being a part of my life for nearly 4 years.

18 thoughts on “My 400th Post…

  1. Congrats on your 400th post! I get what you mean be Blog pressure, but I’m sad to read that nonetheless. Sure your lemon bars are the best I’ve ever tasted, your wine recs are superb, & your photos from your Paris trip were spectacular, but honestly I keep reading your posts because of your writing. You’re witty, fun, honest & you share your life experience. But mostly, it’s because you foster community here. That’s why I have your space in my Reader. Take the blog in whatever direction you want, your faithful Readers will stick around – I promise. Best of luck with school, work & your fabulous life 😉 Can’t wait to see what new things you have in store for The Waspy Redhead!

  2. you absolutely still have readers! you know that you have at least ally + I here, so you know you have two of the coolest readers imaginable, right? =) congrats on your 400th post, + i can’t wait to see how your blog + content changes a bit in the future. whether you write about food, fashion, or getting locked in a storage unit facility, know that we’re all still out here, enjoying reading your blog. xo

  3. I think a departure from the food blog is only natural. I would love to see more manicure moments on here, maybe a few outfit posts? Congrats on 400!

  4. Congratulations on your 400th post! That is quite the accomplishment!
    It sounds like you’ve gone through many great experiences over the past four years, and it sounds like you’ve grown a lot. You have a lot to be proud of!

    Cheers to you!

  5. Hooray for 400 posts! I’m all for taking this blog in whatever direction your heart desires. As you may have noticed, our “food” blog has recently morphed into a “baby” blog. But this is life. And this space is your place to share it!

  6. I’m so glad you have decided to keep blogging – and I think it is appropriate to morph to less food coverage. That’s the way life works, so your blog reflects the beat of your life.

    You are a marvelous writer, so keep posting your words for all your fans to share. Who knows where it will take you…

  7. Wow, 400 posts! That’s fabulous. And so are you. I too have trouble keeping up with blogging in the midst of a busy career and life. You are such a wonderful writer… I will always follow your shenanigans! :)

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