Pamplemousse Rose

grapefruitHello Summer!

2808157396_4bdc784da9I want to wash my face with the rays of your sunshine

methodpinkgrapefruitallpurposeI want to fill my house with your light and refreshing scent

picture1db7I want to drink you in.  Literally.

My HEB of choice these days is Central Market, both for proximity and selection.  Unfortunately they don’t carry grapefruit flavored Perrier, or grapefruit flavored La Croix for that matter.  They have lemon and lime – and while tastey, those flavors just do not quench my thirst for summer loveliness the same way.  Today I drove to the HEB in my old stomping grounds just to pick up some summer in a bottle.

I think I’m only obsessing about flavored sparkling water because I’m not drinking alcohol.  This too shall pass.



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