Royal Wedding Recap!

Ok, so it’s time that I finally recap my Royal Wedding pre-party princess tea party…

I had so much fun planning this event, and I’m actually a little sad that the Royal Wedding is over.  My friend Stephanie compared it to Christmas, how you are excited for weeks leading up to it and its over before you know it.  I know I’ll always remember how I experienced the Royal Wedding, and I’ll look back fondly at how absurd the media spectacle was, and how fun it was to get swept away in the hubbub.

Here are some pictures and details from my party, and I would love to hear about how you celebrated!

The invitations:

My dear friend Kim is an Art Director, and she designed and printed all of the creative elements for the party.  I loved the invitations!  They helped set the stage for a fun and romantic tea party, and inspired the rest of my decorI polished up some family silver and used it as vessels for roses in every shade of pink you can imagine.

More roses and rose petals in the living room.  Not to mention terrible tabloids featuring stories about the Royal Wedding.  I felt like our apartment was the scene of a final rose ceremony on the bachelor.

More rose petals out on the patio where the beverages were set up.

Speaking of drinks… That’s my sweet roommate Marissa and our friend Rory, guarding the champagne, wine and Earl Grey Tinis!

I bet you’re wondering about the food….

A very yummy spread of treats appropriate for our tea party: 3 kinds of finger sandwiches, coconut cupcakes, raspberry chocolate tarts, and delicious cake truffles.

Here’s a closer look…


Designing Diva, Kim, made these cake truffles – Grand Marnier infused chocolate cake. Oh.My.Goodness.  I think Kim could quit her job and just make cake truffles for a living.  Absurdly tasty.   I’ve never made cake truffles, I’m feeling a “how to” post with Kim as a special guest coming up – would y’all like that?

These cucumber sandwiches remind edme of magical birthdays from my childhood celebrated with “high tea” at the Hay Adams in Washington, DC.  I guess I’ve always been a bit of a princess in training.

Remind me to talk about these coconut cupcakes in another post – I think you’ll want to hear about the recipe.

And these mini raspberry and chocolate tarts are an easy yet elegant dish perfect for entertaining.  I’ll share the secret for these in an upcoming post as well.

Rory, Marissa, and my BFF Stephanie enjoying the tasty spread.

But trust me, we didn’t just eat.  We got into the Royal Wedding spirit!

My guests donned paper tiaras and watched pre-recorded trash TV about all things Royal Wedding.

My sweet friend Beverly brought her legit Tiara from her pageant days and let me wear it during the evening’s festivities!  Thanks Bev, I think I could get used to wearing that thing – just felt right, ya know? 😉

This lovely lady is Kim.  She made the cake truffles and designed all the decor, food signs & invitations.  She was my partner in crime for keeping calm and marrying on!

After noshing and knocking back a few glasses of princess punch, we competed in Royal Wedding trivia.  Questions included who was 4th in the line of succession to the throne (Prince Andrew Duke of York, Charles’ younger brother), and what endearing mistake Diana Spencer made during her wedding (She got Prince Charles’ name wrong!).

Our next activity was speculating what we thought Kate’s wedding dress would look like….

Kim designed these posters with various popular dress silhouettes

Each guest cast their vote on what we thought Kate would wear down the aisle…

No one, not a single one of the 20 some odd guests voted for A Line!

I thought Kate’s dress was stunning, by the way.  I’m also pretty certain that should I ever wed, a similar degree of media spectacle can be anticipated.

All in all, it was a very fun evening.  Though I was so exhausted from staying up late baking the night before that I had a REALLY hard time waking up to watch the wedding live at 3am.  Thank goodness my dear friend Kristy called me until I woke up.  She was suspicious that I was asleep because I had been to silent on Twitter and Facebook.  Social media saved the day!

7 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Recap!

  1. OMG, so fun! I wish I lived closer to you! The food looked amazing and I do hope you’ll share some of the recipes. I was so excited for the wedding, and I’ve been enjoying all of your preparation for it!

  2. Your party was so well-designed and creative! I love the pictures. And yes, please do the truffle tutorial. They are stunning!

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