Target @ Goodwill strikes again!

Steve’s Mom, Nancy is going to be so proud of my recent shopping victory! On my way down to Good Bytes Café to grab some lunch I noticed some new Target clearance items being stocked in our housewares sections. I was elated when I saw 5 packages of these adorable outdoor globe lights! They are each 24ft long, with 25 bulbs per string.


Steve, can you get to work on hanging these? Thanks! Oh, and make it look like this please…


I also picked up a stainless steel wall clock. Steve and I had been eyeing wall clocks at both IKEA and Target, but we hadn’t found the right one yet. While this one is pretty standard issue, I think that @ 4.99 before my my team member discount,  it will do the trick just fine!



I also picked some resistance bands with handles, I’ve always wanted some of these! I love using them at the gym, and I like that they don’t take up a bunch of space.  They came packaged with a DVD with some demonstration exercises.  Move over Angela Basset, big guns here I come.


I looked on Amazon and this cord kit retails for around $30!  My combined total for 7 items today was less than $30.  I win at life!

Ok, now before you get concerned that I’ve gone crazy with my Goodwill shopping – let me first explain that beginning February 1st we are instituting a new retail policy that will prohibit employees from making purchases at the retail location where they work. While these guidelines are intended to stop practices of hording or price fixing by our retail team members, it also applies to the corporate staff upstairs from our downtown location. Hrmph! The “upside” is that we are still permitted to shop at OTHER Goodwill locations, and we’ll get an even bigger discount. Whatevs. I only ever shop here because it’s literally downstairs from my cubicle… I doubt I’ll make a trip across town to shop Goodwill after this.

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3 Responses

  1. michelle says:

    wow! i had no idea you could get “new” items at the goodwill! what amazing finds — great job!

  2. Kelly says:

    Our Goodwill blows, way jealous.

  3. lyndsey says:

    I absolutely LOVE your blog! Just came across it. Great finds in this post too, well done you. Happy Friday

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