Waspy vs. Life

Oh hi there.  Hope you’re having a great 2012.  I would really like to be baking you something yummy, but alas, I’m involved in the move from hell.  It will probably be another week or so before I’m back in action.  For the time being, I would love for you to follow me on twitter.  If you follow me on twitter, you’ll get to experience the hilarity that is my every day existence.  For example, there was this time I became trapped inside my storage unit facility after hours and was forced to scale a fence and walk home in 40 degree weather.  See below.

  • Ok. The shenanigans I’m caught up in right now are probably the silliest set of circumstances ever. No really. Lucile Ball had nada on me.
  • One day, the absolute nonsense I just experienced in the battle of Waspy vs the Storage Unit Gate will be funny… today is not that day
  •  Warning twitter rant ahead: If you are the proprietor of a business w a gate that locks at a certain time, potentially w/ customers inside…
  • …then you have a moral obligation to list an after hours number on your website, or in your outgoing voicemail message. Seriously.
  • Who thought it was an ok idea to have a gate with an access code that lets you in but not out after hours with NO other method of escape??
  • It’s a good thing I lived close to said business, and that I’m trying to work more exercise into my daily routine. Or I would be more angry.
  • I’m kind of a goof, I get into scrapes like this, I’m constantly creating genius physical comedy vignettes. I dont think this 1 was my fault
  • So done with moving. Even if it’s only emotionally so, and there’s actually more moving to be done. I quit for tonight. I have been bested.
  • End rant

Ok, so it’s Storage Unit Gate 1, Elizabeth 0 so far.  But as my sweet friend Ryan said, I’m probably just getting all of the bad stuff for this  year out of the way early.

Miss y’all!

I’ll be back soon!

– Waspy

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